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Who Gains and Who Loses from Credit Card Payments?

This new Federal Reserve study is a fascinating look at credit card utilization across income brackets. It’s showing up all over the place: NY Times, Wall St. Journal, etc. It’s also an incredible distortion. There are a number of variables

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Moral Hazard? Let Them Fail? Let Our Tax Dollars Decide.

I am an American. Relatively typical. I am married. I have a kid. I own a house and with it a huge mortgage. I have a job. I have some achy parts and have a few regrets. AND, I’m responsible

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Modified Mortgages: A New Lesson in Moral Hazards

The Wall St. Journal (and every other reputable news agency) is reporting today that the actions taken by banks to modify the mortgages of those citizens who were already delinquent on their mortgages has not had the desired effect. Specifically

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