One More Reason to Like Sharebuilder

If you're like me, the current uncertainty in the markets means you might have moved a lot of money into cash in your brokerage account, and unless you are a high net worth individual privy to higher rates.  Well, who until this point was giving you a massive .01% rate on your account sent me an email letting me know there is a new FDIC-insured option that will pay you .50%.  That's not a lot, but it is a 50x improvement over the other option.  It's a no-brainer to make the switch.

Here's how:


  1. Sign in at, then click the Accounts tab
  2. Select Profile & Settings from the Overview menu
  3. Click Account Settings and scroll down to Cash Balance Preference
  4. Click the blue Edit link, then choose FDIC Insured Cash Balance and click Save Changes

If you are not already a account holder, you can get a $50 sign-up bonus through any of the links in this post.

NOTE:  If you're account is margin enabled, then you are not eligible for the FDIC-insured account option.

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