Quest for a Million – Net Worth – 5/2012


April was not a particularly exciting month on personal finance front.  The biggest change is that I have committed even more deeply to the LLC by investing $5,000 in.  My partner has done the same.  This capital will largely be sucked away in legal and website fees although we are doing it as frugally as we can.  The good news is that we stand a good chance of getting a $10,000 matching grant for our funds which will go fully towards prototype development.  We have a solid proposal in hand and can't wait to get started.

DW's business is struggling to add new clients so she's exploring some new marketing techniques.  We're still cash flow positive though.


On the asset side, our home value has remained flat for much of the year.  I'll be curious if it changes now that the spring market is upon us.  There seems to a seasonality effect in place.  Liquid capital remains high in spite of the LLC investment.  This was assisted in part by getting the NC tax refund.  Retirement accounts were flat in April reflecting the overall state of the stock market.  There were lots of ups and downs, but I think many of us ended up about where we started.

Should I be concerned that 70% of my assets are in retirement accounts?  I'm asking.  I don't know the answer.


For liabilities, everything is on track.  I finally have everything set up for auto-payment at US Bank for the mortgage.  This month I actually paid $1,500 with the extra ~$80 going to principal.  This will be the last month for this.  From here forward I'm paying the minimum and looking for additional investment opportunities that exceed my tax-adjusted mortgage rate.  Actually, I'll be looking for a minimum 5% hurdle rate.  For now, I'm content to watch my liquidity grow.

As always, credit cards are still getting paid off every month and variable rate student loans are still getting paid down aggressively. 

What about you?  How's your net worth shaping up this month?  How does that look year over year?

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