I Almost Got AmazOwned

You know that moment when you’re innocently browsing on a website and you see something on sale that looks cool yet is probably unnecessary in your life?  You pretty much want to buy it, and you start coming up with a multitude of justifications why you should buy it.  Yeah, that was me yesterday.  I call it getting Amazowned.  Pretty clever huh?  Ha.

Enter the Thermos Nissan 12-Ounce Stainless-Steel Tea Tumbler with Infuser.  It was a Deal of the Day on Amazon.  I had gone there to buy the new Hatebreed album, yet here I was staring at the deal of the day.  I love brewing my own tea, and the idea of having a tumbler that looked tough and could brew my tea without over-brewing sounded terrific.  It has some really solid reviews, and I could take it on my morning commute!  Plus for a limited time it was on super sale at $14.99.  What a deal!  Only I already have a large coffee press that makes great tea.  And, my morning commute consists of me walking down the hall to my office, feeding the fish, and opening the blinds.  But the stellar reviews…..the super duper time limited deal…

It took a minute, but I was finally able to break free of Amazon’s grasp.  I’m not sure what did it exactly, but it was some combination of overcoming my rationalizations and considering the opportunity costs.  Here’s hoping you can do the same!  Don’t get owned by marketing genius.

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