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The Enabling Effect of Disability

We are enablers.  Specifically we as a people are enabling people to not work and to not contribute to society.  We are enabling states as well by allowing them to shift the burden of responsibility for welfare and Medicaid to

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Re-visiting the US Mint Direct Ship Coin Program

  UPDATE:  The US Mint announced today (7/22/11) they are ending the program.  Blame NPR.   Many readers will recall I stopped participating in the gaming of the US Mint Direct Ship Program for credit card rewards on ethical grounds.  Basically,

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Best Relationship Article Ever

I know.  I know.  You don't come here for relationship advice.  You come here to get a greater understanding of personal finance, and I try very hard to play only in that niche.  Today is different because one of the

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Top 10 Reasons I Want to Shoot Somebody – Driving Edition

photo © 2010 Patrick Feller | more info (via: Wylio)Some days I just need to rant, and today is one of those days. Today, I’m addressing a non-personal finance topic in hopes of bringing sanity to another part of your

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Moral Hazard? Let Them Fail? Let Our Tax Dollars Decide.

I am an American. Relatively typical. I am married. I have a kid. I own a house and with it a huge mortgage. I have a job. I have some achy parts and have a few regrets. AND, I’m responsible

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Litterbugs Drive Me Crazy

Since I’ve lived in NJ, a lot of things have driven me nuts (see previous posts), but one of the biggest things is litterbugs. People throw everything out of their windows here. It’s ridiculous. No wonder it’s considered the armpit

Mega Millions Lottery – Odds, NPV, Sucker bets, and Hope (Barack Obama)

Today’s drawing for the Mega Millions Lottery is for an estimated $220 million (or $134.6 for the cash option). The odds of winning are…well….low. I mean it is a lottery. The odds of picking all 5 balls plus the powerball

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Found Money – Am I a thief?

I’m a big believer in giving lost money a home (in my own pocket). I remember vividly as a ~9 year old going to the dime store down the street from my grandmother’s house. One day I noticed that there

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