I Lost My Job – Day #66 Lessons in Pride and Anticipation

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. I have to say I expected to be fully employed by this point, but it just hasn’t happened that way.  It’s actual been an incredibly fruitful job search.  I continue to

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I Lost My Job – Day #19 Strange Lessons

It’s June 19.  I’m about 3 weeks into this weird phase of my life of unemployment.  It’s simply strange.  The days have begun to blend together.  I hit a lull around week 2 where it looked like all opportunities were

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Stocks For Your Kids: Year 4 Update

Stocks For Your Kids Series: How to Choose Year 1 Update Year 2 Update Year 3 Update Dear Son, It’s time to look at your stocks again!  These are interesting times at our house as you turned 8.  Due to my recent

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I Lost My Job – Day #0 Termination Day

Well, here it is Friday, May 30 also known as Termination Day or The Day I Lost My Job.  I would like to tell you it was exciting at the office today, but in reality I had a meeting with

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I Lost My Job – Day #-17 HEALTH INSURANCE!

Not only am I the primary provider of income to my family, but I am also the sole provider of health insurance.  As a result of my upcoming termination our family’s health coverage will end.  DW has had a lot

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I Lost My Job – Day# -24

My job doesn’t end until the end of May so let’s call this day # -23.  Until that time I am fully employed, and I also have permission from my current boss to look for positions internally.  So, I have

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I Lost My Job – Now What?

I was beginning to think I was done with this blog.  I haven’t posted this year because in large part I haven’t felt like I have anything new to say that isn’t being regurgitated ad nauseum across the web, but

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PenFed CD Rates Looking Strong

I am not in the market for a CD right now, but if I were, I would certainly be heading to PenFed.  PenFed CD rates, even on short term side are looking strong.  The 2 year at 1.41% is really

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Let’s Talk About Envy

Let’s talk about envy.  I’m not talking the good kind that motivates you to save more like every time I read about someone maxing their 401k, Roth, and contributing to another traditional IRA or brokerage account.  I can do the

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Net Worth Trends: A Good Run in ’13

I was having a discussion over on Debt Blag that made me want to take a look at some of the trends in my net worth since I started calculating them.  As you can see in the LONG table below,

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