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Tax Refund Came, Now What?

Unlike all those people scrambling to get their taxes done to meet the deadline 2 days ago I’m one of those people that seeks to extract what’s rightfully mine from the federal and state governments as soon as I possibly

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My Highest Effective Tax Rate Ever

Well, you can see by the title this isn’t going to be a happy post.  I am happy to have finished and submitted my taxes.  I managed to do the taxes for my side Project X on my own, and

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Payroll Tax Mourning: The Saga Continues

The NY Times is out today with another story on the deleterious impact that the expiration of the payroll tax holiday is having on the lives of US Citizens, particularly the middle class.  Anecdotal evidence is presented that clearly demonstrate

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I Told You So (Payroll Tax Holiday Expiry)

It seems like a representative sample of the US population feels the same way I do about the expiration of the payroll tax holiday.  USA Today and other outlets are all reporting a big hit to consumer confidence as a

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It Takes Over 6 Billion Hours To Do Our Taxes

Let me first clarify that in the title where I reference “our” taxes, I’m talking about you, me and every other American tax payer.  That’s according to National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson who is using the data to promote the

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A Day to Mourn The Payroll Tax Holiday

By now you’ve read my posts and others lamenting the expiration of the payroll tax holiday.  As a reminder this was implemented at the beginning of 2011 as a way to put more money back in the hands of everyday

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Implications of the Expiration of the Payroll Tax Holiday

Frequent guest poster Noreen checks in with a commentary on the implications of the removal of the Payroll Tax holiday and American taxation in general.  I have to say, that I am NOT excited about seeing this expire.  I would

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Best Ways to Use Your Tax Refunds

The following is a guest post from Joy Mali Ever heard of tax refunds? Well for starters, you get your tax refund when you’ve been paying more than you should all throughout the year. The refund is actually the government

The Roth IRA: For You, For Me, For Everybody

Source: via Jeff on Pinterest   Look, I'm not a big joiner, but when I saw Jeff over at Good Financial Cents tweet about starting a movement that increases the awareness and usage of Roth IRA's, I couldn't say

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9.46% Effective Tax Rate for 2011

Well, I finished my taxes.  Yahoo!  That's about a month later than usual, but the trickling in of tax documents seems to be taking longer every year.  I still can't seem to get my withholding right to keep me from getting a

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