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Lowes Tax Refund Offer

On February 9, Lowes announced a tax refund offer associated with their regular gift card program: “Customers who purchase the Tax Refund card in Lowe’s stores or on between Feb. 8 and March 14 will receive 10 percent of

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401k IRS Compliance Testing

photo © 2006 urban_data | more info (via: Wylio)Did you know that every year your company’s 401k takes a test? Actually it’s 2 tests that I’ll be discussing and there are actually even more. And, if it fails to comply

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Effective Tax Rates

Well, I finished my taxes this past weekend. I still can’t seem to get my withholding right to keep me from getting a large refund. I’ve used the calculator at the IRS, but like most things IRS-related, it’s not exactly

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IRS W-4 Income Tax Withholding Optimization

photo © 2006 Ray Tsang | more info (via: Wylio)For those of us interested in optimizing our personal finance, the income that the IRS takes out of our paychecks and holds hostage until we do our taxes in the next

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Moral Hazard? Let Them Fail? Let Our Tax Dollars Decide.

I am an American. Relatively typical. I am married. I have a kid. I own a house and with it a huge mortgage. I have a job. I have some achy parts and have a few regrets. AND, I’m responsible

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Modified Mortgages: A New Lesson in Moral Hazards

The Wall St. Journal (and every other reputable news agency) is reporting today that the actions taken by banks to modify the mortgages of those citizens who were already delinquent on their mortgages has not had the desired effect. Specifically

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Treasury Bill Ladder Investing for the Common Man

Last Friday the Treasury Dept. announced that they were lowering the minimum amount necessary to buy treasury bills from $1,000 to $100. This is great news for the common man wishing to start investing in treasury bills because the cost

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A New Reason to Hate NJ – No Gas Rewards

As if I needed another reason to hate living in NJ beyond the inflated house prices, worst in the nation real estate taxes, and population density, now I find out that I can’t get the gas rewards with my credit

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