Lowes Tax Refund Offer

On February 9, Lowes announced a tax refund offer associated with their regular gift card program:

“Customers who purchase the Tax Refund card in Lowe’s stores or on Lowes.com between Feb. 8 and March 14 will receive 10 percent of the original card purchase amount added back to their card on March 18, 2011.”

This is a guaranteed 10% return on your money, and if you go through Lowes.com, you can put it on a rewards credit card which should get you an extra 1 or 2% back. This is a great offer IF AND ONLY IF you regularly shop at Lowes. I do so I’ll probably be participating.

Also, it should be noted there are no inactivity fees associated with the card nor does the card ever expire. All in all it’s a pretty good deal. Oh, and it really has nothing to do with your tax refund, except that it’s a promotion being run during tax season.

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