KulaMula Review: Interact and Get Very Little

KulaMula Yodlee Offer

Today Yodlee sent me an email offer to join KulaMula through their FinApp program. The gist of the offer is this:

“KulaMula works by matching the anonymous spending profiles of users with brands that are willing to pay to interview with those profiles. These “MicroInterviews” take about 30 seconds and provide the information brands need to customize an offer to your tastes; then you decide to either have the custom offer emailed to you or keep the interview payment – or both.”

This sounds fine, but I have a couple of issues with it as I usually do with most offers. The first is a Yodlee issue. The new version of Yodlee is pretty inferior to the old version. I actually use their “time machine” so I can use the old version until they get all the kinks worked out. To use KulaMula, you need to be using the new version. The second issue is with KulaMula itself. Although the interviews are short, they only pay you a quarter. That’s 25 cents. I’m sorry KulaMula but my time and my personal finance information is worth far more than 25 cents.

When I looked in the FinApp store only 68 people had downloaded it so if we take that as a sign, I’ll say that most people feel like I do. I’m happy to reconsider if the payouts ever become commensurate with what I’m sharing, but until that time I’ll take a pass.

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  • Regarding this statement, “The new version of Yodlee is pretty inferior to the old version”, would you still recommend Yodlee over Mint at this time?

    I am often frustrated by “new” versions of various software which ends up being severely dumbed-down and feature-stripped. Hope not to spend the time getting started with one of these and have it turn out to be a big disappointment.
    Kevin Kimes recently posted..And- We’re Back

    • Kevin,

      You can read my review of Yodlee vs. Mint to get a good idea behind my thinking, but your comment comes at an interesting time. I just received an email yesterday from Mint letting me know they’ve upgraded their system in terms of its ability to update accounts which was one of my chief gripes. Also, last week when I tried out KulaMula last week, I had to revert to the new Yodlee. I tried the beta version of the new Yodlee and it’s still rife with problems. For now my preference is still for the old version of Yodlee, but Mint is closing fast.