I Lost My Job – Day #0 Termination Day

Well, here it is Friday, May 30 also known as Termination Day or The Day I Lost My Job.  I would like to tell you it was exciting at the office today, but in reality I had a meeting with my supervisor and one with HR to talk through my “termination letter” and “separation agreement”.  Neither was full of any drama except they screwed up the termination agreement dates, and it had to be re-issued.  The meeting with my supervisor was short and sweet basically thanking me for my years of service and mumbling something about corporate structures and wishing things were different.  This is just how it goes.  It’s not personal no matter how personal it is.

The real excitement over the last 2 weeks has been on the job search side.  Have I mentioned networking to you lately?  I have spoken or interviewed with 10 companies so far.  7 of those I got through networking.  The other 3 came from a random LinkedIn request, a submission through an HR portal of hell, and a headhunter contacting me.  Can I just say again, network, network, network.

I already have an idea of where I’m likely to end up, and if this happens, it will be surreal.  It’s still early though.  I haven’t even got my severance yet!

I also have not registered for unemployment yet, but I’m quite excited about it.  I consider this a rare opportunity to learn about a system I’m unlikely to encounter again (fingers crossed).  So, I can’t wait to tell you more once I actually learn something.

In the meantime, I’m taking suggestions on how to spend my leisure time (when not networking, scouring the internet for jobs, prepping for interviews, fetching dry cleaning, organizing my office, and actually going on interviews).  Certainly the new X-men movie is in my future 🙂

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