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Saving by Buying? How would that make sense?

How can you save money by spending money?  It seems pretty counterintuitive, but there are a few things I purchased in just the last week, that I expect will result in money savings in the long term. 1)  I got

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PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards Card…Devalued Again

Damn.  I have lamented and tracked what PenFed has been doing to this card for some time now.  They just keep making it harder and harder to want to keep this card, but I’m really reluctant to let it go.

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$800 Auto Repair *Shrug*

Right now my SUV is sitting in the auto repair shop with multiple gasket leaks.  It's at least a 6 hour operation.  It will cost me over $800 to fix it.  I took it in for a routine oil change

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