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$550 Million Dollars and a Beach House

What an exciting day!  Today is the day I win the $550 million dollar Powerball lottery.  I know I know it's a completely imprudent purchase and HIGHLY unlikely event, but really the dreams you get to dream are well worth

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It Just Got Twice as Expensive to Be Poor and Stupid

I just read an article on Yahoo! that the price of Powerball tickets is set to double on January 15th.  As many have already discussed, including me, lottery tickets are a foolish investment that disproportionately affects the poor.  Your chances

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Mega Millions Lottery – Odds, NPV, Sucker bets, and Hope (Barack Obama)

Today’s drawing for the Mega Millions Lottery is for an estimated $220 million (or $134.6 for the cash option). The odds of winning are…well….low. I mean it is a lottery. The odds of picking all 5 balls plus the powerball

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