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Cash vs. Credit: More on the Debate about Payment Mechanisms

The following is a guest post from David Rodwell who shares my interest in whether using credit cards vs. cash actually change an individual's purchase behavior.  Here he discusses some recent research on the subject.  I respond with my thoughts

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Rewards Credit Cards Lead to More Spending and Debt

photo © 2008 Andres Rueda | more info (via: Wylio)I think not. At least not for those of us who are credit card deadbeats. The last time a Federal Reserve Bank output some research about credit cards, the study left

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Cash is King? Not in this Lifetime

photo © 2008 Dan4th Nicholas | more info (via: Wylio)I woke this morning and began reading the day’s personal finance articles as usual. I came across this article in the NY Times where they’re reporting that “the lowest percentage of

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Top 10 Reasons I Want to Shoot Somebody – Driving Edition

photo © 2010 Patrick Feller | more info (via: Wylio)Some days I just need to rant, and today is one of those days. Today, I’m addressing a non-personal finance topic in hopes of bringing sanity to another part of your

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Best Answers to Kid’s Money Questions

This week, the New York Times Money section has been sharing a list of some of the toughest money questions a child can ask his/her parent. I’ve been intrigued with this discussion and thought it might be helpful to have

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Moral Hazard? Let Them Fail? Let Our Tax Dollars Decide.

I am an American. Relatively typical. I am married. I have a kid. I own a house and with it a huge mortgage. I have a job. I have some achy parts and have a few regrets. AND, I’m responsible

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Modified Mortgages: A New Lesson in Moral Hazards

The Wall St. Journal (and every other reputable news agency) is reporting today that the actions taken by banks to modify the mortgages of those citizens who were already delinquent on their mortgages has not had the desired effect. Specifically

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