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My Highest Effective Tax Rate Ever

Well, you can see by the title this isn’t going to be a happy post.  I am happy to have finished and submitted my taxes.  I managed to do the taxes for my side Project X on my own, and

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It Takes Over 6 Billion Hours To Do Our Taxes

Let me first clarify that in the title where I reference “our” taxes, I’m talking about you, me and every other American tax payer.  That’s according to National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson who is using the data to promote the

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9.46% Effective Tax Rate for 2011

Well, I finished my taxes.  Yahoo!  That's about a month later than usual, but the trickling in of tax documents seems to be taking longer every year.  I still can't seem to get my withholding right to keep me from getting a

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Effective Tax Rates

Well, I finished my taxes this past weekend. I still can’t seem to get my withholding right to keep me from getting a large refund. I’ve used the calculator at the IRS, but like most things IRS-related, it’s not exactly

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