T-Bill Ladder at 0% Yield?

Would I consider building a T-bill ladder with a yield of 0%? In a word, no. Never. However, there are some folks out there who are doing just that, buying US Treasury Bills at an interest rate of 0%. Back in March when I first wrote about T-bill ladders, I mentioned not starting one right now because the yield was so low. At the beginning of this year on Jan. 2, 2008, the 4 week was yielding 3.09%. On Nov. 28, 2008, the 4 week was yielding 0.02%. Incredible. I had no idea they would fall this low. Why would anyone ever accept a rate of 0% or in some cases even a negative yield? Well, this NY Times article does a good job of explaining why it’s necessary for some entities to do just that. All I can say is it’s probably going to be a good long while before my portfolio diversifies into the area of T-bills again. And, it’s really easy to fund public works programs under Obama when you can borrow money at 0%. Now, if they’d only let me renegotiate my mortgage at that rate.

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