Quest for a Million – Net Worth – 2/2011

Month 3 of posting my net worth. I’m not sure anyone’s getting anything out of these except maybe some voyeuristic pleasure, but that’s OK because it’s actually really helpful to me to take a look at these numbers monthly. So let’s take a look.

Net Worth February 2011

ASSETSThis Yearvs. Last Month
Real Estate
My Home (Zillow)$371,000-3%-1%
All Accounts$23,700-58%0%
All Accounts$218,9608%5%
529 Plan$11,96023%3%
Total Assets$630,639-1%1%
Credit Cards*
All Accounts$5,928-71%35%
Student Loans
All Accounts$68,200-2%-1%
Mortgage Loans
My Home$301,1490%0%
Total Liabilities$375,278-2%0%
NET WORTH$255,3611.0%2.5%

There’s not much meaningful change among the assets. My home value is relatively stable according to Zillow. That’s good because there’s nothing I can do about that one anyway. Unfortunately my savings accounts are also stable with no change since January. I really do want to build this up, but a lot of holiday expenses got paid during this period. February was going to be a better month but some unforeseen medical costs will likely leave this number little changed when I come back in March. Thanks to a good stock market, retirement and investment accounts are largely positive. Prosper loans continue to decrease as they are paid off so that negative is actually a positive.

Liabilities are even more boring. Credit cards are in flux like always. This figure is largely irrelevant since a balance is never carried over. It only reflects personal and business expenses (which are fully reimbursed). The rest of my loans are growing slowly smaller which is in-line with my life plan.

Overall, net worth is up a solid 1%. That’s a win in my book.

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