Quest for a Million – Net Worth – 6/2011

It's been a very busy month from the perspective of my real job so unfortunately my blog has gotten shortshrift.  I apologize for the dearth of posts, but hopefully we'll get back on track with this net worth posting.  There were no major financial events that took place in May so basically we're just seeing some of the painful pieces of April that I charged to my credit card finally come due.  

Unfortunately, this past month has also been a rough one in the stock market with multiple weeks of losses for the long-term investors.  The good thing is I am unconcerned with weeks.  I'm actually unconcerned with months and quarters.  Even years.  Because I am investing for the long-term and I'm not only in stocks – I also have bonds and cash accounts.  For me these blips and dips are buying opportunities which is just what I've been doing, adding a little more VBK to my Roth accounts.  So, relax and remember that investments take time to pay back.

Given what I just said, it should not come as a surprise to know that this month's numbers are not great.  In fact, if we ignore the Zillow housing factor, net worth is actually DOWN this month by 1.1%.  However, I knowing I'm taking the right steps that will pay off in the long term.

Net Worth June 2011

ASSETSThis Yearvs. Last Month
Real Estate
My Home (Zillow)$357,000-7%3%
All Accounts$32,043-17%1%
All Accounts$225,68011%-1%
529 Plan$12,35625%-1%
ProsperFinally escaped!
Total Assets$632,1720%1%
Credit Cards*
All Accounts$7,474
Student Loans
All Accounts (1.5% and 2.5%)$66,014-5%-1%
Mortgage Loans
My Home (4.3875%; 30 yr fixed)$298,967-1%0%
Total Liabilities$372,455-2%0%
NET WORTH$259,7172.7%3%

There's not much to say.  It's just one of those months where we're thankful for our ability to keep paying the bills, put food on the table, and have a roof over out heads.  The next few months should be interesting as my son moves to public school (Yay no more preschool tuition!) and my wife continues her plan to return to work.  Additionally, it was reported today that another company is in takeover talks with my employer.  Interesting times indeed.

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