Gifts for Your Active Child or Young Adult

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Spike Ball and Kan Jam.  Both of these fun games are excellent if you have active children or young adults in your family.


Spike Ball


Spike Ball is a 4 person (2 on 2), trampoline based game that is kind of a mixture of volleyball and 4 square.  The basic idea is to set up your teammate to be able to subtly or aggressively spike the ball into the trampoline in a manner that makes your opponents miss.  As in volleyball you get 3 hits per “side”.  Games are to 21  It ‘s great for building hand-eye coordination.  This could easily be played beer-in-hand for an added layer of difficulty. Cool









Kan Jam

Kan Jam is an equally fun game.  Like Spike Ball, it’s a 4 person games played 2 on 2.  This one is a lot like disc golf, but you need a teammate to really make it work.  In this game you set up your cans a certain distance apart based on skill level.  With your partner on at the opposite can you throw a disc to him/her in a manner that allows them to spike the disc into the can.  Alternatively, if you’re a really accurate thrower, you can aim for the slot on the can which you can count as an instant win or 3 pointer or whatever you like.  Like Spike Ball this game is played to 21 points and is often more fun with a beer in hand.








If you have teenagers or active adult children on your shopping list, I highly recommend these games as a good source of fun and trash talk!

PS Apologies for not offering up a personal finance article, but sometimes you need a little fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

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