How would you describe your blog?  My blog is a sometimes snarky oftentimes sarcastic look at the world of personal finance.  Most of my readers already have much of their financial house in order or are on a path to that goal so I spend much of my time working towards optimizing and creating efficiencies.  And, occasionally I rant.

Why do you write this blog?  I’m really geeky, and I really like almost all aspects of personal finance.  If I didn’t think it would take all the fun out of it, I’d be doing it as my real job.

Why do you blog anonymously?  Blogging anonymously is costly to me for sure.  I don’t have friends and family pimping my posts.  I can’t push my blog feeds through my personal Facebook or Twitter feed.  And, it hurts my ability to fully connect with my readership since you don’t truly know me.  Like I said, costly.  However, I reveal a lot about my personal finance life on here that I don’t really need for my friends, family, or especially my employers to know.  Plus, I can occasionally be less professional on here than I am at my real job.  So, for now, it’s best to keep these things separated.

Why do you wear a black mask?  As Minor Threat would say, “Sometimes good guys don’t wear white.”

Why should I listen to you?  This is a great question that you should consider when reading any blog but especially one about personal finance.

  • For one thing I’m transparent.  I also tell you when I might be getting money for pimping some personal finance-related.  Also, even for the things I do pimp, I can be a pretty harsh reviewer (See my PerkStreet posts).  Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I’m brutally honest.
  • My financial house is in order.  I live pretty well beneath my means.  I never carry a balance on a credit card, and the only debts that I have are my student loans and my mortgage.  In most months, my net worth is usually moving up.
  • I’m educated.  I don’t know how much that means.  I have friends with PhD’s who are PF idiots and others who have not been to college that are PF whizzes.  However, I know some people think the degrees are important.  So, I have multiple Masters degrees.  One of those is a MBA from a top 20 program.

Why don’t you post more frequently?  Quite honestly, I only blog when I really have something to say.  I do see the other blogs posting all kinds of crap for entertainment value on a daily basis with a readership that’s 10x my own.  It’s just not me.  I don’t want to dilute my content in that way.  Additionally, I have a lot going on in my life – I have a real world job with MBA expectations, a family that wants to spend time with me, a sports team that I captain year-round, and various boards that I sit on.  So, I don’t have lots of time to blog like the full-time guys.

Got more questions.  Send’em along or post in the comments.  I’m quite responsive.

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