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NC SECU Bridge Account: Abandoning Ship

I think it's time to move your money out of the NC State Employees Credit Union bridge account for the remainder of the quarter.  If you don't know what I'm talking about or want to know more about a risk-free

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NC State Employees Credit Union Bridge Account Historical Returns

Back in August 2010, I recommended a move into the NC State Employees Credit Union Bridge Account as a good risk compared to the low returns offered in traditional money market accounts. That has turned out to be a prescient

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Revisiting the NC State Employees Credit Union Bridge Account

Some may recall my initial excitement about learning about and opening my bridge account at the NC State Employees Credit Union back in April 2008 (If you need a refresher on the basics, check back at that post). I checked

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T-Bill Ladder at 0% Yield?

Would I consider building a T-bill ladder with a yield of 0%? In a word, no. Never. However, there are some folks out there who are doing just that, buying US Treasury Bills at an interest rate of 0%.

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Getting Gamed by NC State Employee’s Bridge Account

Many of you will recall my excitement in early April when I moved my cash over to my bridge account which generates interest based on the returns of the S&P 500. June has proved what an absolutely brilliant move that

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Gaming the NC SECU Bridge Account as a Boost for Declining Interest Rates

First let me describe what a bridge account is, and then I’ll go into how I’m gaming it. In mid 2007, my credit union began to offer what they call a bridge account. The account is set up with the

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