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My Most Profitable 401k Day Ever

Yesterday, on top of my daily earnings, I also earned almost $6,000 in my 401k account due to the final piece of my company match vesting.  Five long years I’ve waited to have full ownership of this money.  It feels

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Recapping 2012 and Setting Goals for 2013

Well, 2012 was a pretty tumultuous year politically, and I was angry about the dereliction of duty by our Congress for most of it.  Luckily for you guys I left my rants out of this blog.  Coming into 2013 it

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The Roth IRA: For You, For Me, For Everybody

Source: goodfinancialcents.com via Jeff on Pinterest   Look, I'm not a big joiner, but when I saw Jeff over at Good Financial Cents tweet about starting a movement that increases the awareness and usage of Roth IRA's, I couldn't say

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