My Most Profitable 401k Day Ever

Yesterday, on top of my daily earnings, I also earned almost $6,000 in my 401k account due to the final piece of my company match vesting.  Five long years I’ve waited to have full ownership of this money.  It feels really good to see it now in writing.  I’ve been counting it towards my net worth all along because it was a bit of a pain to recalculate every month.

Your 401k match is basically free money on top of your salary.  If you aren’t contributing to your company’s 401k at least up to the match rate, you really are just walking away from free money.  Don’t do it!

And, once you contribute up to that match, keep going!  One day you could max the whole thing out.  That’s a great day too.

Dear readers I hope you’re grabbing as much of that dough as you can!

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