Gift Ideas For Guys

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From ugly sweaters to boring books, we’ve all received gifts at some point or another which we wish we hadn’t. Some people find that women are easier to buy gifts for than men are. There are so many great gift options for women, from jewelry to toiletry hampers, so you can’t really go wrong. Buying for men on the other hand can be quite tricky, which is why I have put together a couple of unique gift ideas to help you out.

You may be wondering why I am talking about gift ideas on a personal finance site? You probably think I ought to be telling you how to invest in gold bullion at BullionVault or how to save money and reduce debts. Most of my blog is about finance issues as you can see, but I have decided to dedicate this section to gift ideas just for fun.

Scratch Off World Map Poster 

If your friend is a keen traveler globetrotter then what better way to show off all the places they have visited than on this funky and stylish scratch-off world map? The map comes with a gold foil layer and once you’ve visited a certain country, you simply scratch it off to reveal a geographically correct map underneath. The map is made from high quality thick paper and measures 81.9 x 58.2cm.

Classic book Kindle covers 

If one of your friends is a bit of a bookworm then chances are they own a Kindle. Now you can purchase Kindle covers which are cleverly disguised as classic book covers. These beautifully decorated covers add a touch of elegance and class to the e-reader and look far nicer than shiny plastic or rubber covers.  It makes the perfect gift for gadget lovers and book readers alike. The classic book cover cases are available for a range of Kindle models including the Kindle 3 and Kindle 4 6” screen, to the Kindle Touch and Paperwhite edition. You can choose from a variety of classic books including the likes of Great Expectations, Sherlock Holmes, To Kill a Mockingbird and Dracula.

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  • I’m horrible with picking out gifts! Usually he just picks it out himself haha

    • That’s probably a better way to go.

  • Brick By Brick Investing

    I will gladly take financial books, PS3 games, or guns =)

    • I would welcome 2 of those 3. I don’t have a PS3 🙂

  • BanExcuses

    Interesting ideas, but I don’t travel much and don’t own a kindle, so neither would work for me. I would take a good book though!

    • Kindles are kinda cool. My wife has one and loves it, and she is one of those people that thought they were silly and loved the smell of real books.

      • BanExcuses

        I’ll probably eventually cave one day… Maybe if I come across one at a yard sale or something.

        • When Amazon is about to put out a new version, the others go on massive sale. I don’t remember what we paid for hers, but it was dirt cheap and then she just checks out e-books from the library.

        • You can check out Cowboom too. Go a few generations back and you can get a refurbished Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook for around $35… maybe less when they have a sale going. I paid around $50 because I wanted a touch version.