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Review of Federal Reserve Consumer Credit Card Agreements Searchable Database FAIL

On Monday, the Federal Reserve introduced its new online database of credit card agreements under the guise of strides in consumer protection. This, of course, comes as the result of all the recent credit card legislation. So, let’s click on

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Fidelity Retirement Rewards American Express Card 2% Cashback Credit Card Review

On April 16th, I learned from Buck's Blog that Charles Schwab had decided to stop offering the Invest First VISA card that I use to get back 2% on all transactions. Uh-oh, time for a new card? Although the Schwab

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Charles Schwab 2% Credit Card, An Update and NEW ETF’s!

Back in April, I reviewed the Charles Schwab Invest First VISA Credit Card. I’ve been using the card for 6 months now as my primary card (except for gas (PFCU) and hotels (Marriott)), and I have to say it has

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Charles Schwab 2% Credit Card, A Review

I'm always in the market for a better credit card. Many of you will remember when last year I posted about the merits of the PenFed VISA Platinum Gas / Cash Rewards Card. I still love this card, and its customer

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