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How to Dispute a Credit Card Transaction Based on Real Experience

In July of this year I was scrolling through my transactions on Yodlee like I commonly do to insure my wife hasn’t put another BMW on the credit card. Just kidding. I was scrolling, but I was looking for any

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KulaMula Review: Interact and Get Very Little

Today Yodlee sent me an email offer to join KulaMula through their FinApp program. The gist of the offer is this: “KulaMula works by matching the anonymous spending profiles of users with brands that are willing to pay to interview

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Review of Yodlee vs. Mint

It's been several years since I first reviewed Yodlee, Mint, and the other personal finance aggregator sites. Since that time much has changed. Two big events: Wesabe was shut down and Mint was bought by Intuit. I know Geezeo and

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Yodlee Moneycenter for tracking your personal finances vs. Mint or Geezeo or Wesabe or Mvelopes or Quicken

There’s been several articles recently about tracking your personal finances online (article 1, article 2). They mention a wide variety of personal finance tracking sites including: http://www.quickenonline.com/ (which charges)http://www.mvelopes.com/ (which charges)http://www.geezeo.com/http://www.wesabe.com/ (SHUT DOWN)http://www.mint.com/ (BOUGHT BY INTUIT) However, none of the

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