Arcos Dorados Holdings (ARCO) for my Roth

Arcos Dorados Holdings (ARCO) began trading today. I picked up 30 shares at $21.35 in my Roth IRA. I intend this to be a long-term hold. As a bit of background, Arcos is McDonald’s (MCD) largest franchisee, the Master franchiser for McDonald’s in Latin America and the brand leader in a growing market. Sales are increasing year over year. For me the company feels like a great opportunity to participate in McDonald's international growth in the Latin American area. Again, this is long-term hold, not a swing trade. More information on ARCO can be had on Seeking Alpha. This post is the first of what I anticipate to be many on my securities trades. I think the transparency is positive, and I invite your opinions. We may not agree, but time will tell us who is right 🙂

PS Doesn't it look like the baby is sucking the teet of McDonald’s? They seem to hook them younger and younger.

PPS  (8/2/11)  I sold this for a small profit.  I'm trying to move my Roth to more of an indexed approach.

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