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Hold the phone on those 5% cashback categories for Q2 2011! We have a new entrant. This morning I received an email from FIA Card Services alerting me that my Fidelity Investment Rewards American Express Card which already offers 2% cashback on all purchase would be offering 5% back on home improvement purchases during this quarter. That’s a great deal, and signing up for it was as easy as clicking the link in the email. Awesome.

The only downside on this deal is that the 5% reward is limited to $25 cashback which translates into $500 worth of spending. This seems like a low limit for this card, but the reality is this is wonderful and welcome enhancement to an already great card. If you don’t know about it already, check my review.

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  • So I called Fidelity to find out what was going on, and they claimed that they offer deals like this 3-4 times each year to most users. They never advertise them though, they only mention it in your paper statement (or PDF copy if you are paperless), and the deal isn’t necessarily available to all users.

    In my case, I never read my PDF statements, so I went back and looked at the last 6 months and didn’t have any deals mentioned during that time period, unfortunately. But now I know to look!

    In your case, you must be an awesome customer! 😉
    Jake recently posted..NEW British Airways 100-000 Mile Sign Up Bonus American Airlines too!

    • Jake,

      Thanks for the update. Very interesting information. I actually consider myself to be a really poor customer since I still have yet to use the card! Perhaps that’s why I was chosen? I use the old Schwab 2% card instead since I prefer VISA to AMEX. This offer would be pretty compelling if the rewards limit weren’t so low and every other card seems to be offering the same thing this quarter.

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