Discover Card Cash Back Bonus Categories 2012

I posted on the new 2012 Chase Freedom reward categories last month so I guess it's time to address the ones for the Discover® More Card this week.  These 5% cash back categories are a bit more interesting in my opinion.

January – March

  • Gas stations – I will still be using the PenFed card.  It's the same reward level, and I like credit unions better than big banks.
  • Museums – Nice to see something educational in the cash back categories!
  • Movie theatres – Interestingly, you get 5% cash back on movies in EVERY quarter.  I watch about 1 movie per year in the theatre (on my birthday).  Looks like Discover will be getting my $8. 
  • 10% Cash back at Macy's, JC Penny, Land's End, Kohl's, & Gap –  I have to say I really like this offering.  10% is an easy figure to calculate while shopping, and it seems my son just won't stop growing.  This is probably good considering he's just over 3ft tall right now.

April – June

  • Restaurants – I love it when the restaurants are at 5%.  I don't eat out more often because of this, but I get a bigger kickback when I travel for work and get to expense my meals.
  • Movie theatres 

July – September

  • Gas stations – I will still be using the PenFed card.  
  • Theme parks – I don't really do theme parks right now, but I'm sure this is good for some families.
  • Movie theatres 

October – December

  • Department, electronic, and toy stores – This will be huge for many folks next Christmas season.  Many will max out their quarterly rewards here I'm sure.
  • Movie theatres 

So, no airlines and no hotels this year?  I guess not.  

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