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One More Reason to Like Sharebuilder

If you're like me, the current uncertainty in the markets means you might have moved a lot of money into cash in your brokerage account, and unless you are a high net worth individual privy to higher rates.  Well,

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NC SECU Bridge Account Terminated

I am very sad to report that NC State Employees Credit Union is shutting down their bridge account program.  Originally started in 2007, the account offered a relatively risk-free way to play the markets.  It was great while it lasted.

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Escape from Prosper

I joined (a sponsor of this site) in May, 2006. This was about a week before I became a parent and about the same time Osama was moving into his new home. I say this because I would love to

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NC SECU Bridge Account: Abandoning Ship

I think it's time to move your money out of the NC State Employees Credit Union bridge account for the remainder of the quarter.  If you don't know what I'm talking about or want to know more about a risk-free

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Stocks For Your Kids: Year 1 Update

Dear son, Happy anniversary. Today your account is roughly 1 year old, and in a few days you will be 5 years old. We're just getting started on your path to financial freedom. I can't wait for the day

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Arcos Dorados Holdings (ARCO) for my Roth

Arcos Dorados Holdings (ARCO) began trading today. I picked up 30 shares at $21.35 in my Roth IRA. I intend this to be a long-term hold. As a bit of background, Arcos is McDonald’s (MCD) largest franchisee, the Master franchiser

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NC SECU Bridge Account Q1 2011 Return

Good news! The North Carolina State Employees Credit Union bridge account should be paying its investors 3% again this quarter because the S&P 500 rose 5.42% for the quarter. This is the 3rd straight quarter and 7 of the last

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Google Option FAIL

I think the following illustration speaks for itself. This is one of the risks of trading options with short term time horizon. I got black swanned or tsunamied or screwed. However you want to call it, it’s a FAIL. Hopefully,

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When is a Stock Split Important?

photo © 2009 Lars Christopher Nøttaasen | more info (via: Wylio)A couple of days ago I was reading an article by Matt Krantz over at USA Today entitled, “When will Apple’s stock split again?” In it he correctly notes that:

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Known Risk, Knowable Risk, and Unknowable Risk

photo © 2009 Jeff | more info (via: Wylio)This post may hit on a more philosophical note than usual, but it is a reality that no matter where you go or what you do with yourself or your money there

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