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PenFed Platinum Rewards FAIL

Yesterday I got another piece of bad news from PenFed.  They are reducing the cash back on my favorite card, PenFed VISA Platinum Gas / Cash Rewards Card, again!  Make no bones about it I love this card for one thing

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British Airways VISA Promotion FAIL

At the end of 2010, British Airways was promoting a pretty incredible offer I was really tempted to jump on.  New cardholders would receive a bonus of 100,000 British Airways miles — 50,000 miles after their first purchase and another 50,000

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Bye Bye BB&T Bright Banking

Dear BB&T, You just blew it.  I've been your customer for over 20 years, and you just let a monthly fee toss all that out the window.  For the past year and a half you've been trying to put a

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Paying My US Bank Mortgage by Credit Card (FAIL)

I consider being able to pay one's mortgage by credit card to be one of the holy grails for a credit card rewards maximizer like myself.  It's also next to impossible to achieve, especially in today's economic environment where default

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Google Option FAIL

I think the following illustration speaks for itself. This is one of the risks of trading options with short term time horizon. I got black swanned or tsunamied or screwed. However you want to call it, it’s a FAIL. Hopefully,

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KulaMula Review: Interact and Get Very Little

Today Yodlee sent me an email offer to join KulaMula through their FinApp program. The gist of the offer is this: “KulaMula works by matching the anonymous spending profiles of users with brands that are willing to pay to interview

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Cash is King? Not in this Lifetime

photo © 2008 Dan4th Nicholas | more info (via: Wylio)I woke this morning and began reading the day’s personal finance articles as usual. I came across this article in the NY Times where they’re reporting that “the lowest percentage of

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Yet Another Mortgage Scam – FAIL

It seems like I get these letters everyday offering me unbelievably low re-finance rates or some other too good to be true offer involving my mortgage. I can’t imagine how much life they’ve stolen from my shredder at this point.

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Review of Federal Reserve Consumer Credit Card Agreements Searchable Database FAIL

On Monday, the Federal Reserve introduced its new online database of credit card agreements under the guise of strides in consumer protection. This, of course, comes as the result of all the recent credit card legislation. So, let’s click on

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Quick Update FAIL

Today Pfizer (PFE) was below 20 so I tried to pick up 100 shares at 19.50. Prosper has been anything but prosperous lately as 2 of my new loans (a D and an HR) have gone late. Idiot dummy ***bangs

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