Fidelity Investment Rewards AMEX 5% Categories Q1 2012

I've already reported on the 2012 cash back categories for Discover and Chase Freedom, and I thought I was done.  I'm delighted to report I was not.  Yesterday I got an email from FIA Card Services who manages the Fidelity Investment Rewards AMEX.  As a reminder, this card already pays you back 2% on every purchase, and now they're offering 5% cash back on the following categories:

  • Gas
  • Groceries
  • Drug Stores
  • Restaurants

Those are some great categories, but you always have to read the fine print:

The key piece here is the UP TO $25 part.  That means you're limited to $500 in spending which is consistent with when they made a similar offer back in Q2 of 2011.  Additionally, the offer is not retroactive for Q1.  So, if you've already made what would have been eligible purchases, those don't count.  It only counts AFTER you enroll.

Even if you didn't get the offer in your email, it looks like you can work around that by clicking here and choosing "Don't have one" option at the registration area.  Then, all you need is your last name, last 4 digits of your card, and your billing zip code.

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  • Joe

    Thanks for the info. The only issue that I have is that it signs me up for 5% on  travel rewards, airfare, hotels, cruises etc. This would be good if I actually traveled. Oh well. Maybe it is a regional thing.

    • Joe,

      You actually have a different card. My guess is yours is not the retirement rewards cards. I’ve seen multiple reports of this happening now. And, almost everyone didn’t even know it was an option.

  • Joe

    I have the green Amex that says "Retirement Rewards" on the front. I guess ti could be that FIA has it registered wrong. I might have to give them a call and get to the bottom of this.

    • Like I suggested to John, I think you should definitely call them Joe.

  • John

    I have a "Fidelity Investment Rewards" AmE, but did not get the invitation letter. I tried the "work around" approach. But after clicking enroll, the response was "Record not found". Guess it did not work with no registration code. Thanks for the post!

    • I would definitely call the CSR and explain what you’ve seen is available and ask what they can do for you. The worst they can say is it was a limited offer. I have no idea why I qualified. This is not a card where I put a ton of spending. Heck, for the promotion this summer, I had never made a purchase with the card, and they sent it to me. I really don’t know.

  • Mike

    I called CSR, and they said that the quarterly offers can be different for each cardholder based on what their sales dept decides. My Q1 offer was 5% on travel, which I was already enrolled in. I did discover that they're send me a $15 gift card to Target, no purchases required. I guess if you have this card, it might be a good idea to call CSR every so often to check their promotions.

    • Mike,

      I don’t understand how you’re getting the Target card. Can you elaborate?

  • Mike

    I called CSR back, and the $15 Target card was for setting-up any type of recurring charge on your credit card. They did inform me that the offer is expired now, so I apologize if I got anyone's hopes up.

  • Nice one Mike.  I'll have to call about that one in the future.  What I'm learning from all these comments is that calling CSR on this card can really pay off.

  • Mike G

    I'm a little confused. Fidelity has a Retirement Rewards Amex and an Investment Rewards Amex. It looks like you might be using the 2 interchangeably on this site.
    I see a review for the Retirement Rewards card here, but last year it looks like you listed the 5% categories for the Investment Rewards card. Which of the 2 do you have and use? It looks to me like the Investment Rewards card is "better", no?

    • Mike,

      Thanks for your clarifying comment. The cards are virtually identical. It seems the only difference is where the rewards get dumped. I have the INVESTMENT rewards card. I’ll try and correct the error everywhere I see it.

  • Mike G

    Just tried to sign up for the "5% back bonus categories" using the "workaround" you posted, but it's not working. I'm getting the error "Record not found". Have you heard of anyone else reporting this problem? I've had the account for about 2 weeks. Maybe I need to wait longer….

    • Mike,

      It might be too late to sign up for this offer. I would call CSR and see. It’s pretty late in the quarter so it would be hard to reap many rewards with it anyway.

  • Just a note to say I called them today about Q3 and there was no offer for me.